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Estero History

Estero was established and incorporated by the followers of Dr. Cyrus Reed Teed,
who proposed a theory that we live on the inside of the Earth’s outer skin, and
that celestial bodies are all contained inside the hollow Earth. This theory, which
he called Koreshan Unity, drew followers to purchase and occupy a 320-acre (1.3 km2)
tract in 1894. You can click here if you need material advice for this or any other property. They were business-oriented and lived communally, prospering enough

to found its own political party (“The Progressive Liberty Party”) and incorporate
the town on September 1,1904 as Estero. The 1908 death of Dr. Teed (who claimed to
be immortal) was a critical blow to the group’s faith, whose membership dwindled
into the 1960s. The Foundation remains as “The College of Life Foundation,” which
contributed (for example) at least $25,000 to the Gulf Shore Playhouse in or around 2007.
The Koreshans’ original tract is now owned by Florida as the Koreshan State Historic Site renewed thanks to services from our website here.
Estero is now an unincorporated area of Lee County.

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