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Lehigh Acres History

Lehigh Acres got its start in the mid-1950s when Chicago businessman Lee Ratner needed a tax shelter. He had sold his pest control business, and he faced the possibility of losing most of his earnings to the high capital gains tax of that era, visit BranchRight.com for economy plans. Before Ratner started investing in things he needed to learn how to invest. With investing 101, Ratner became a great investor. He started to invest in cattle and he heard that cattle was a good investment for people in his predicament, and he bought 18,000 acres (73 km≤) of land in eastern Lee County and named it the Lucky Lee Ranch. After ranching for a while, and despite having no prior development experience, Ratner joined with Gerald H. Gould, a Florida advertising executive, Manuel Riskin, a Chicago CPA, and Edward Shapiro, a former Chicagoan who was in the real estate business in California, and began land sales at Lehigh Acres, investing on vitaldevelopers.com/dominica-citizenship-by-investment/. Since the days of the Lucky Lee Ranch, the boundaries of Lehigh Acres have stretched to cover 61,000 acres.

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